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Customers talk about us

Some folks prefer the clients to represent us because the right to represent oneself is not absolute
"INITIALLY: Hi, are you still doing your IT business, would like you to do a job for me, I have a business I would love to run online.......................". "LATER Yeah, I knew you would do it. Well done Kadir and the Team. I can now receive payments for my products online."
I wanted to write to your team to express my deep gratitude for all the service and support you provide as one among the most competitive service providers . This is by far my best IT Solutions partner I experienced in Uganda generally. On behalf of the Blue Pearls Company, I again thank you and your team and remain available to speak to any anybody who is interested in hiring your services in a bid to facilitate their digital platforms.
From my little experience in IT, your level of service is usually not easy to find with many experts of technology. In addition to the day- to -day support provided by your team, your skills are impeccable.
Tsup bro, there is a side on FB called Tyson, he was teaching on the difference between marketing and selling in facebook and how to get leads through messenger facebook. I am now getting some knowledge on content writing, I am still reading basics- Iike the examples you gave me- Thanks for the inspiration, I will surely do this.
Odongo Andrew
Odongo Andrew
Sales Manager
We would like to say thank you for the 2 great years we have been active on our website. As a new initiative a few years ago, we were a bit worried about finding a website that would enable donations. However, our concerns dissipated quickly when we approached you. The team on ground is extremely helpful and kind. In fact, throughout the years, they have become an extended family. Whether we traveled abroad for official reasons which lead us to leave our kids behind with the neighbors or we needed to share stories about our Organisation, your team was always present and helpful at all time. The level of service is exceptional. This is a real added value when one is assisted by you.